Hen doo ideas in Scotland!

1. Book in you and your besties for a Spa and pamper day at one of Scotland's many luxury hotels! Why not even rent a lodge or cabin available on site with a hot tub?

2. No use in having an empty hot tub, why not book a few of our buff butlers to keep your guests company! With loads of fun party games they are sure to get your party started!

3. Buff butlers not your thing? Why not book our hilarious bartenders to take you and your guests through a cocktail masterclass? With loads of funny games between each cocktail you guys will be in stitches of laughter the full night!

4. Why not combine it all and have a buff butler host an amazing cocktail masterclass with a mix of games and butler games throughout?

5.  Prosecco or Beer Pong Experience! Why not book one of our referees to come to your party and host a funny twisted version of the absolutely timeless beer pong! With a custom table and plenty of beer, this is sure to get things of to a flying start!